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How to Create Password Protected Zip Folder on your Mac. To begin you need to select the file or folder you wish to archive and right-click it. You will have to use the Terminal utility to unlock the archived file(s). Here's how.

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Minecraft: How to install modloader and TMI mod on Mac OSx Lion+updates

Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy. A Lion upgrade install is both the easiest and the default method for upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion. The advantage is that all of your user data and applications are left intact, ready to use as soon as the Lion installation is complete. Another advantage of using the upgrade process is the installation time is drastically reduced, meaning you will be back to work or play before you know it.

There are a few minimum requirements you will need to meet for this process to work, but there are pretty basic.

Apple has changed the way the Lion installer works. There's no longer a click-a-button method for performing a clean install of Lion on an empty hard drive, but as it turns out, it's still pretty easy to do. With just a few extra steps you can use the OS X Lion installer to perform a fresh install on any internal or attached drive, Flash drive, even the startup drive, provided you willing to create a bootable DVD or Flash drive. Don't worry, we have included all the instructions you will need.

If you want to install Lion on a freshly erased volume, this guide will have you booting to a fresh install of Lion. While you need Snow Leopard to download the Lion installer, once you have the installer in your hands, you can create a bootable flash drive that will allow you to perform an upgrade or clean install of Lion on any Mac that meets the minimum hardware specifications for Lion. An error that may occur includes "1 out of 1 hunks failed".

This error also should appear, and will not damage any files or do anything to disrupt the decompiling process. Now, you will need to access the source code. Create a new folder for all of your files for the program you will be downloading. Download Eclipse for your system. Open it. This is the last step for this tutorial. If you have not already, launch Eclipse.

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Then, go to your mod's folder. Open the folder titled "eclipse". Copy the file path for this folder. Then, go back to your Eclipse window. The window, once it has loaded, should say "Select a workspace".

The ultimate Mac user's guide to Minecraft on OS X - mods, skins, and more

In the box titled "Workspace:", paste the file path. If you had trouble copying the file path, you can also click "Browse Once you have retrieved the file path, click "OK". Wait for Eclipse to load. On the left, a window titled "Package Explorer" should contain two folders, "Client" and "Server". Click the arrow next to "Client". Then, click the arrow next to "src". Next, click the arrow next to net.

Installing Minecraft Mods on OS X - Arqade

If you see several. Troubleshooting [ edit ] If you are unsure of whether your system is bit or bit, follow the instructions below for your system. Click on the Start button. Right-click "Computer". Click "Properties".

Under the "System" section, look for "System type:". Next to this should say whether you have a bit or bit system. Versions of macOS Run the following command: " uname -a " without quotation marks.

How to Mod(ify) Minecraft --For Mac [1.4.6]

The output should be a long line. The first one means your system is bit. The second means it is bit. If terminal shows following error: KeyError: 'osx'. Repeat Step 1 above. If you receive the following error when decompiling:!! Modified jar detected. Categories : Mods Guides. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Talk.