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How to Create Password Protected Zip Folder on your Mac. To begin you need to select the file or folder you wish to archive and right-click it. You will have to use the Terminal utility to unlock the archived file(s). Here's how.

No need for defining key ring access or any other. The following works on Basically uses automator to create a utility to launch the screen saver app. I like it because it is much faster than using sleep. Enable password for screen saver. Check the "Require password after sleep or screen saver begins" box. Open Automator in your Applications folder and choose Service from the list of templates provided and click the Choose button. In the left hand column under Library, select "Utilities". From the File Menu select Save and choose a name for the utility.

Select the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab on the top of the window Select "Services" from left pane Scroll down to "General" you might have to expand the General selection in the right pane and you should see the new utility you created. Select the utility you created and add a keyboard shortcut for it.

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Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. When I step away from my Mac at work, I want a quick way to lock the screen, and hitting a hot-corner with the mouse is problematic for me. This hint details how to lock the screen from the keyboard by using Automator to build a Service in Snow Leopard. First, check the General tab on the Security System Preferences panel to ensure that the Require password [some period] after sleep or screen saver begins box is checked. Then, open Automator in the Applications folder, and select Service from the screen that appears. At the top of the new Service's actions, in the Service receives drop-down, select no input from the options.

Make sure that any application is selected in the second drop-down. Add the Start Screensaver action in the Utilities group of actions to the Service by dragging it to the right. Save the Service Automator does not ask you where to save it, just to name it. Next, open System Preferences and select the Keyboard preference pane.

Select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab at the top, then the Services group on the left. The service you created should be near the bottom of the list of Services under the General disclosure triangle.

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Double-click on the right side of the entry for the Service you created and assign a keyboard shortcut. This was a bit unintuitive, because the shortcut column is not distinctly visible, so it is not obvious that you can double-click in the assigned shortcut column to add a shortcut.

I had difficulty picking a keyboard shortcut that would work in Control-L also did not work for me. Exit the keyboard preference pane to give it a try. If you find yourself holding down the keyboard shortcut until the screen saver appears, and it disappears when you release the keys, you may want to decrease the time Snow Leopard waits before requiring a password in the Security system preference to immediately or release the keys before the screen saver appears. There are a number of helper apps, third party System Preferences panels, shell scripts, and even this previous hint that have promised a way to lock the screen with a keyboard shortcut in the past.

This hint provides a simple method that does not require installing a third-party application or delving into shell scripting. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. I just hit Command Option eject to put my Mac to sleep. To lock my screen, 2 possibilities : 1. Search Advanced.

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From Our Sponsors. Click here to return to the ' Search Advanced From our Sponsor User Functions Username: Password: Lost your password? He's right Marook. Sorry man. The only way to user switch with out logging out is by choosing a different user from the fsu menu. Don't forget to make sure you command drag the keychain menu status item to be the leftmost item. This is the only way I could get this hint to work. Is it me or is the OS X shortcut keys functionality lacking? You'd think we would have seen some improvement from Panther to Tiger in this area, but alas, nothing.

If I'm missing something, please feel free to enlighten me. Don't know why someone would need this? You can use One Key, Spark, Quicksilver, etc. The problem with a hot corner is that and try as they might, I don't think Apple will get round it screens have just four corners, and there are 5 expose features including dashboard.

Plus on a laptop it can be tough to nail hot corners - as well as activating them accidentally being really annoying. Cmd-i it to enter something like "sss" start screen saver in the spotlight info, now ctrl-space, sss, cmd-enter and bingo, screensaver is up. Might save some people out there valuable menu bar space if you don't want Keychain Access up there. I only aliased the app as I don't think Spotlight will search the System folder, but I guess you can move it anywhere in your home folder.

Click on shortcut in Dock to start Screen Saver. I was able to use this tip to make Mighty Mouse activate the screen saver. I wanted to use the side buttons, since I don't use them for anything else. I simply assigned that app to the side buttons and it works perfectly fine in addition to the lower right corner that I use to activate it as well. I can move my mouse or I can simply now use the side buttons.

How to Quickly Lock Your Screen in Mac OS X – The Mac Observer

My screen saver only activates when I hold down the command key and put the mouse in the upper right corner. With modifiers, there are something like 64 possible combinations. That seems easier to me. I think I read this here, but I can't find it in the archives. Perhaps it was some place else. Anyway, for ths you need Quicksilver and this little apple script: tell application "ScreenSaverEngine" activate end tell 1 Save that in an applescript somewhere. Thats it, now you can lock your screen with a shortcut.

But I agree having a hot corner is the quickesway. Couldn't you just set up the same keyboard shortcut through the keyboard preference panel? Just save your script as an app. Unless I'm missing something about what you're saying, you can't set Keyboard Preferences to launch an app.

Hint Options

You can only set it to execute a menu item by name of an already running app. I guess the third-party guys are happy with the current state, but it seems that Apple already has a nice GUI for assigning keystrokes globally or per Application, but the implementation is pretty weak. All of these should interoperate better. Enable the Script menu, and make sure that your applescript is in the menu.

Then Keyboard shortcuts can launch the app. I'll admit I haven't tried this, but it should work.

Enable the Trackpad

I don't know. For me it always has side effects. I set a zoom global shortcut, but instead of zooming only the front window, like the menu point does when going throught the menu, it zooms all windows. So I don't even bother with these settings anymore. Ok, I don't know why this hasn't been mentioned yet, but if you have Quicksilver installed one of the default apple script actions is "Fast Logout" as in fast user switch to the login screen.

So in less than four key strokes my computer is locked at the login screen and all my programs stay running. Plus its more secure than the screen saver. I can't recommend enough the Quicksilver program. It saves me so much time and I am constantly learning of new functionality.

I hardly use the finder or spotlight, but I use QS all the time. I never use spotlight, because I know where my stuff is and for starting programs QS is just times faster. Why should fast logout be more secure than a screensaver? If I turn of fast user switching and I lock my PC with the screensaver than only I can access it and nobody can login with some other account that might be there. I agree.

Quicksilver is probably the most useful app around. Couldn't you launch the script with One Key or Spark or some other keyboard file-launching utility?

Keep the Trackpad Active

I know that this is a Mac site, but I couldn't help but provide a Windows tip. I have been looking for something to do this ever since I bought my first Mac. Coming from windows, I used to use Win-key-L to lock the screen, which is separate from the screen-saver password.

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I expected this hint to do that, but it doesn't I put the lock thing up there, hit "lock screen" and sure enough, it worked. Woohoo, right? Well, since I didn't need to lock with the screen-saver activation anymore, I turned off needing a Password to wake from sleep or screensaver. All the sudden locking the screen does not lock the screen.

It simply turns on the screensaver So, basically it seems to have the same function as the hot-corner. Very lame In System Pref "Security", choose "Require password to wake" 2. When you leave the desk, press the power button, followed by "s" Cheers If you still need processes to run but need the computer locked, if you have fast user switching enabled: 1. You'll then have to select your username and enter a password if you have one in order to get back into your system. BTW, the hint claims it's a keyboard shortcut, but if one is lifiting one's hand off of the keyboard to click on something, that's not really a keyboard shortcut now, is it?

Simpson, this is the most blatant case of fraudulent advertising since my suit against the film The NeverEnding Story. This only works on laptops. To get the same dialog on a desktop Mac, press Control-Eject. On desktops, the power button instantly puts the computer to sleep.

Actually, that behavior can be changed in Energy Saver. On non-laptops, there's an option to have the Power button Sleep the computer - just uncheck that option. Now, the Power button will function the way it does on laptops; it'll bring up the Sleep, Restart, Shutdown or Cancel dialog. Is this possible a Tiger-only hint? I am using Panther, Yes, those are Tiger-only steps. Nice tip. Just a quick note on the Windows lock, by the way Much simpler than doing the Ctrl-Alt-Del and then L. Here's another one.

Works nicely.. This is what I do! It is great! That's the perfect solution. System-wide, the hotkey works and engages the screen saver [which I've set to require a password]. Why not just use apple-shift-Q? And I lock my windoze box with the windowskey-L