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How to Create Password Protected Zip Folder on your Mac. To begin you need to select the file or folder you wish to archive and right-click it. You will have to use the Terminal utility to unlock the archived file(s). Here's how.

The only way to tell is by testing on real hardware and comparing the results - your feedback is welcome! You are welcome to provide testing feedback, to help us identify any major issues that might be present. The existence of a ROM dumper proves we are able to execute code on the camera, and enables anyone with the right skills to start looking into it. Main Builds These builds have been around for some time, and they are unlikely to cause major issues. In most cases, regressions are fixed quickly - if you report them.

Your camera is not listed? A port of a new camera model happens if and only if there is a developer who has the camera and sufficient time, motivation and skill to complete the port. Start by reading the development forum, the wiki , and the source code. Fixes a phenomenon in which the AF microadjustment value may change. Fixes a phenomenon in which the LCD monitor may show a line of false color along boundaries of high contrast.

Fixes a phenomenon in which the histogram of a LiveView image is incorrectly displayed when an HDMI cable is connected. Uncompressed HDMI output is now enabled.

Improves the speed of the camera's acquisition of focus when using a Canon Speedlite's AF-assist beam. Fixes a phenomenon in which the LCD monitor may freeze and display Err 70 or Err 80 when a still photo is taken during Live View or in movie shooting mode. Fixes a phenomenon that may occur when the continuous shooting priority setting is enabled for multiple exposures, such that, after the sixth image is taken, there is a slight pause before the remainder of the sequence is completed.

Fixes a phenomenon in which the viewfinder display shows incorrect information during AEB shooting. Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera may not function properly when an Eye-Fi card is used. Fixes a phenomenon in which the lens firmware cannot be updated properly. Corrects errors in the Arabic language menu. Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera changes the AF microadjustment value to Fixes a phenomenon in which the backlight of the LCD monitor may not turn off depending on the camera settings and timing.

Fixes a phenomenon where a pink cast may develop over the image when the shutter is completely pressed with the camera's power turned off by the auto power off setting. Applies only to Canon Log-supported cameras. Cameras running Firmware Version 1. Canon Log support will not be affected on cameras running Firmware Version 1. For cameras running Firmware Version 1. Users who wish to have their camera support Canon Log are asked to make a request for the charged upgrade service at a Canon service center. When using Version 4.

Please be sure to update Digital Photo Professional to Version 4. Canon is apparently releasing firmware updates for several its Cinema cameras; unfortunately, the udpates aren't available just yet at Canon USA but I expect they will be soon.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera Firmware Update for Mac OS X Download

To read about the firmware updates, check out this article on the Canon Digital Learning Center. Listed below are the notable changes.

EOS with UDMA 7-compatible CF cards

Fixes a phenomenon in which a synchronization failure may occur during multiple flash shooting. Fixes a phenomenon in which Error 80 occurs depending on the shutter release timing. Shipping and handling charges may apply. Please contact the Canon Customer Support Center for details. This information is for residents of the United States and Puerto Rico only. By registering, we will be able to notify you via email when future Firmware Updates become available for download.

Canon Camera News Search

If you already registered, please ensure you are opted-in to receive the notification. Manual control of the iris with Camera's Control dial. Automatic aperture and push auto iris functions. Retrieval of Lens metadata, such as the model name and the focal distance will display on the camera. When the camera is turned off the IS mechanical lock will be active regardless of the position of the switch. Adds peripheral illumination correction for the following lenses: CN-Emm T4. Displaying the model name of the lens when attached.

Canon 1Dx information / reviews

Support for Peripheral illumination correction. Manual control of the iris with camera's joystick. We would like to offer our sincere apologies to users of this product who have been inconvenienced. For this reason, until the firmware update, when performing viewfinder shooting or LV shooting, please shoot with the Silent LV shooting set to [Disable].

Changes the maximum number of "Release cycles" displayed from 1,, cycles to 9,, cycles. This value can be checked under the "Camera system information" menu. The joystick on the camera's grip unit can be set to operate the zoom. Dual Pixel Focus Guide function. Allows the position of waveform monitor to be changed on the display.

Fixes the list of shutter speed on the display when using Browser Remote. Adds peripheral illumination correction for the following lenses. Please use a memory card to transfer such movies. Firmware Update Procedure. Corrects the phenomenon of Err70 which occurs with certain combinations of settings. Corrects the level display when the camera is held in the vertical orientation with the hand grip pointing downward. Corrects a phenomenon in which, when using certain CF cards, it may take approximately five seconds for the camera to power on depending on when the camera's power switch was turned ON.

There is no need to update the firmware if the firmware was updated from Version 1. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers, and we ask for your ongoing patience. If the camera was already equipped with Firmware Version 1. We are currently making preparations to correct this phenomenon with the release of a firmware update in early June. In the meantime, please use the workaround method described below.

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Users whose camera is affected by this phenomenon are asked to download Firmware Version 1. Download Firmware Version 1. If you want the improvements and fixes provided in Firmware Version 1. Corrects the very rare phenomenon in which the shutter can no longer be released.

Enhances reliability of operations for specific custom function settings. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers, and we ask for your ongoing patience.

Canon DSLR firmware update for all models - How to

If the camera freezes, even if the live view image is displayed, all buttons and switches, including the POWER switch, will no longer respond, and the footage will not be recorded on the cards. The time code and the recording indicator may continue to work. The camera can be released from the freeze condition by detaching it from the power supply or removing the battery.

In languages other than Japanese, the phrase "no. Corrects the phenomenon in which in very rare cases the shutter can no longer be released. Furthermore, these updates enable the display of the cinema aspect ratio 2. It is also no longer necessary to add an LUT to confirm video, for improved ease of use. Additionally, colors can now be overlaid on HDR video, with the color depending on the actual luminance of the video area, allowing for the visual confirmation of luminance distribution. Fixes a phenomenon in which the autofocus may not respond when the autofocus is initiated via pressing the shutter button, the AF-ON button or the AE lock button when configured in the custom control menu.

Enhances the reliability of communications between the camera and SD card. Fixes incorrect wording on the Finnish language menu screen. Frame Rate [4. A constant shutter angle can now be maintained, regardless of any other camera settings being changed.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Saving and displaying metadata, such as the model name and the focal distance of the lens attached. Support for peripheral illumination Correction. Manual Iris control via the camera's control dial on the grip.

Zoom operation via the joystick on the camera's. Three camera modes have been added: Tv: Shutter speed is selectable. Av: Iris is selectable. AGC: Shutter speed and Iris are selectable.