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How to Create Password Protected Zip Folder on your Mac. To begin you need to select the file or folder you wish to archive and right-click it. You will have to use the Terminal utility to unlock the archived file(s). Here's how.

You better believe it, ScrapeBox has had an amazing new versions since it was originally released in through to ScrapeBox v2. We are constantly adding new features, listening to customer feedback and enhancing ScrapeBox. You can easily streamline dozens of monotonous white hat link building processes with this tool. CEO, QuickSprout. An overwhelming amount of power that can help speed up daily tasks and production for even the purest of the pure, hardcore white-hat junkies. Though SB offers a host of other unholy functions both gray and black hat , the keyword scraper module has a white hat soul.

The UI is brilliant in its simplicity. Other suggestion box tools exist but none are more profoundly useful. Founder, AimClear. I am ScrapeBox! The most powerful and popular SEO tool of its kind! Join the thousands of successful users! Core Features. Just a few of our awesome features See More. It does the content creation, publish them on web properties and create backlinks to your Cash site, automatically.

It also searches for relevant website to create backlinks for you. Cash Robot helps you to reduce the cost of doing the linkbuilding campaigns. You can actually try the software first before you choose to invest in it. Although Money Robot software is easy to use, it does take some time for you to get completely acquainted with the features.

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But, of course you can collect more information about it through online sources. The trial version of Money Robot has very limited features. Therefore, if you are looking to use it at its full potential, you will have to purchase the license.

Depending on your VPS the completion of the campaigns shall be determined. Another disadvantage that is found with money robot is the indexing of the backlinks. It takes a long time to get the backlinks get indexed. But the service is still the worth as it works better than others. Cash Robot is considerably the best available automated link building software. If you are looking to build huge number of backlinks to various web properties, within hours, MoneyRobot should be your go to application.

You have the free trial option, which allows you to use the software for 7 days. It helps you to learn about how you can use the tool and if it is beneficial for you. Keep in mind, this is a link building tool, it does help you to create a lot of backlinks from using different web properties.

But, the indexing process is slow, which keeps things natural for your money site. If you are looking to automate your link building process, be at the top of the search engine and increase your potential targeted traffic, MoneyRobot should be your go to tool!!! If you are planning to buy the software through our link above and you need some help simply send me an email: michel seo4you2. Become an affiliate. While most use this tool strictly for Paid ads, Keywords Everywhere is very useful to help you discover long-tail keywords related to the ones you are searching for on Google.

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On the other hand, the keyword tool lets you aim at certain niches or groups of related keywords which you can use. Ubersuggest is really simple to use. Then you can add all the keyword suggestion to your basket by clicking the plus sign on the left side. You can also get a lot of suggestions that can be directly implemented in a PPC advertising campaign.

You can find anything there. Keyword difficulty volume, synonyms and so on. Save your lists, check keywords in all languages that you need. Finding out what and how well the competition is doing is always going to be helpful in determining your own chances of success. Bing SERP tool can also assist you to improve your site easily and know the areas that need expansion.

Recently Mozilla Firefox changed the default search engine to Yahoo. Getting your site listed on Bing Webmaster tools is the first thing you need to do in order to get it ranked on Bing. Jetpack is another very popular tool for WordPress. It enhances not only your digital marketing efforts but also the design and security of your website. And these are only the options that come with the free version. The premium version is best for its SEO tools and you can get access these for an affordable price.

Google Search Console is a web service by Google, provided free of charge for webmasters, which allows them to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.

Do you ever wonder how your website users move through your website and how can you see their movement in the visually appealing way? Then we have an amazing tool for you to test out — Hotjar. Understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior. You see, Google, as well as other search engines, designed a structured data standard known as Schema.

The good thing here is that the best SEO tools like Schema creator to quickly help them build and stay up to date with schema. In one case study, Matt Barby refers to using the tool to add enhanced rich snippets to his website. Image Source. The attention span now is 5- 6 seconds and if it takes longer you may lose your visitors forever. Pingdom helps you to evaluate the speed of your site so you can make the necessary changes needed; hence your site is able to perform faster.

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Since mobile has quickly become the dominant method of browsing the web, Google believes that constant testing is necessary. That is because webmasters need to ensure everything is working for your phone and tablet as well as it is working for your desktop. During testing, sites that do not pass, will not get a mobile-friendly label in the mobile results, This is being done in an effort to help people better utilize mobile optimization for their websites.

The majority of website owners worldwide use it to search for copies of existing content, prevent duplicate content and check the originality of their new content. This is to make sure that Google can extract structured data, such as authorship information, metadata, and rich snippets markup.

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Many people find that it has a simple design and a friendly interface. It also has a great description page, so if you run into questions, they can be easily sorted out on the page. They are a royal pain.

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  • It then provides you with a well-formatted result that can be pasted directly into a content editing system or web page. The process of conversion is fully automated. The only time when a copy is made is when you decide to file a bug report and opt to include a copy of your document. At this point, the document, as well as the bug report, will be emailed to the developer. You can use this SEO site tool to check 5 unique domains per week.

    This tool offers a great value for money when it comes to curating a list of potential link targets. This could include niche directories, contests, guest blogs, accessible journalists, and so on. Quite expensive, but a good investment for large companies, this tool helps you pull down information about thousands of blog sites, including SEO and social networking statistics.

    Find influencers in all social media channels, get their email addresses and send an outreach to them! Unabashedly a web crawler, this tool does all the link building research you need with just a few search queries. The tool expands the search along predictable lines to give you more in-depth results in less time. This has a paid subscription, but the free tools are enough to get you the contact information you need, and it can help you build and organize lists as well as compile search terms.

    Email Format helps an individual find the correct structure for millions of companies and organizations on the Internet. This tool can help those who do not have a lot of time to research company structures, and instead, need a compact and simplistic tool at their fingertips. If you are interested in purchasing a domain or perhaps in multiple domains, you can select the ones you want and move directly to GoDaddy to register them.

    This is one of best SEO tools that can help you with setting up a new site on an expired domain. It keeps the positive link juice that helps the site to rank immediately. This tool addresses your tracking concerns when you use email to drum up interest for your site and web pages. This type of off-page SEO is often overlooked by link builders, but the information this tool provides can give you important information about content engagement. And in , video is becoming more popular than ever! While this tool is primarily for automating link tracking and SEO monitoring, its real value is in helping you plan content by indicating what posts get the most links.

    There is no guarantee that you will go viral on YouTube if you post videos, but checking out KeywordTool for your next keyword research will help you understand which videos go viral and why. As a result, you will get many marketing and SEO insights which will help your own video marketing strategy.

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    Keywords are still key factors in SEO, which in turn affects link building, so you want to hone in on the best keywords on which to spend your resources. This paid tool free with a Moz Pro account analyzes and assesses keywords in terms of how it is likely to rank on search engines. Contentbird is a powerful and extensive software for the whole content marketing process, all the way from start to finish. It helps you keep everything related to content in one place with a clean and easy to use overview thanks to the Content Workflow Platform.

    Journalists and blog writers are always looking for experts to interview and write about, so this is a site to find someone with whom you can build a symbiotic relationship. Give them material they can write about, and get organic mentions and links to your site and profile. The content does not have to be restricted to blogging.

    The tool can be utilized to research audio, infographics, and videos. Moz Local Ex. Get Listed is a free tool that shows multiple things including but not limited to where business listings are present for your company. It will search for your company on the most important platforms like Google reviews, Yelp, Insider reviews etc. It would show you if any of these places do not have your listing. When your phone sales team closes the sales, ask them to include questions like where did the customer hear about the business and so on.

    From the database, you can view, analyze and study the stats about which are the places from which you receive maximum business.

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    As Google aspires towards relevancy the correct category is helpful to make you rank. This is huge. Links on a web page very quickly become broken link rot because we move, delete or change our own pages, and other people that we link to do the same. OSx native. This specific tool will help you perform detailed Keyword analysis and will provide you valuable information when it comes to ranking. As mac users cannot use a wide range of SEO tools, this is your best bet when it comes to everything related to on-page SEO optimizations, such as optimizing content and analyzing the structure and HTML coding.

    Link Assistant will help you manage, filter and analyze the links so that you can reach out only to the people that truly matter for your business. Once again, this tool is only used by Mac. You just need the right approach. With the best SEO tools , you will have plenty of help. Share with us your personal favorite tools. Are you using some of the best SEO tools above or different tools that are not included here? She is a freelance writer for essays. You can follow her on twitter.

    What a great list! Some of them are quite new to me.

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    Thank you for sharing this to us, I have another tools to add on my own list. Great long list of tools. Thanks for this. Another nice and useful keyword tool that can serve as an alternative for Semrush is Serpstat. We use some of them at Chatra. Mention, Moz and SimilarWeb are all musthave tools for any online business.

    We also use Allora.