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How to Create Password Protected Zip Folder on your Mac. To begin you need to select the file or folder you wish to archive and right-click it. You will have to use the Terminal utility to unlock the archived file(s). Here's how.

Make sure you go into your tv settings. I do understand all that tech talk.. L - Apr 9, at AM. I closed the websited and had to load it like three times OS is windows vista. Shmata88 - Apr 30, at PM.

CC - May 3, at PM. Linda L - Jun 12, at PM. I Have the video working fine bought all the cables.

No sound on insignia tv with hdmi

However, I read in many places that I needed to buy a audio cable that has the mp3 audio jack on one end and the red and white audio tips on the other end but when I plug it in it DOES NOT work. I tried looking for setting but nothing comes up. I even tried using another cable the has a audio jack to audio jack like a headphone ends on both sides and plugging that in to the PC input on the tv to the headphone input on the macbook Is there a setting or another cable????

If you have your HDMI cable connected, and can only get video but no sound I have had this problem before, and it took me a long time to figure it out. I felt very dumb when I did, because it is a very easy fix.

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First: Go to the start button. From there, Right click on whatever device is showing Once you've done that, your TV device Click OK I have a Samsung laptop and a 30" rca flat screen. I feel so dumb as I have the hdmi cable plugged in but can't seem to find how to set it up as I'm not getting anything please please help. Tiger - Oct 21, at PM. Thank you yepenetty you saved me much frustation : Halo 4 here I come to the big screen!

Ta - Jul 9, at AM. Respond to felinis. Vivien - Mar 26, at AM. I wonder if you can help as I have had the same problem.

I have tried connecting my laptop to TV into the PC connectors on side of TV and I get sound only when using a VGA cable with audio cable small jack point type , and when using an S-Video cable with the same audio cable I get the picture only but no sound. I have plugged the audio cable into the headphone socket on my laptop and into the audio socket for pc on my TV, the same as I did with the VGA cable, but I get a picture and no sound.

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So I am left with sound and no picture with the VGA cable and picture and no sound with the S-Video and can't seem to sort out the problem. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated. Same here.

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Thanks to your feedback, I tried this and it worked. I could get only the PC audio input at the back to work 3. The 3. Not sure whether it is some setting on TV or whether it is not supposed to work. Respond to k. Ask Away Jul 7, at AM. View all 7 comments. I was playing some music in wmp. Mystacina - Aug 1, at PM.

No Audio with Mini-display to HDMI cable? - Best Buy Support

Thanks for the info. People like you keep the internet flowing like a well oiled machice. Rob - Feb 18, at PM. Windows 7 THX!!

Thommo - Jun 11, at AM. Thanks man, that was easy. Just had to change default audio device to tv instead of laptop. Respond to Ask Away. I've read all of the above and went for the Control Panel "classic view" solution. I'm sure I'll forget to reset the default when I want sound to come out of my laptop, but that will come in time!

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